Founded in 2009
Karn Manhas, Founder & CEO


Terramera is a technology company developing biological solutions to replace some of the most toxic chemicals used in homes and the environment. The company has a platform of high-performance organic bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers for agricultural and consumer applications. Terramera’s Inspirium™ Technology platforms stabilize, deliver, and potentiate complex plant biochemicals for use as pesticides. Products created with the company’s platform technologies are more effective than conventional chemical pesticides without issues of toxicity and environmental persistence.


Terramera’s biopesticide products control pests and plant diseases in both conventional and organic farms to protect against grower losses and increase crop yields more effectively than conventional chemical pesticides. Terramera’s products offer safer, more effective solutions for public health, sustainable food production and bee health, while performing more effectively than synthetic conventional chemical pesticides in protecting against pests and disease. Terramera’s mission is to promote safe, healthy homes and environments, and make sustainable/organic farming cheaper, more productive and abundant.


Our investment in Terramera was driven by the belief that bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers, which currently represent only a small part of the agriculture inputs market, are the next frontier for sustainable agriculture. Terramera is uniquely positioned to lead the market with technology and products that are natural, highly-effective and more economically beneficial to farmers.