Founded in 1989
Timothy Heydon, CEO
Philip Karp, President


Shenandoah Growers is a leading brand for live and fresh cut herbs. Shenandoah has developed an innovative and scalable growing platform that increases flavor and nutrition while decreasing environmental impacts.


Shenandoah believes that herbs are great tasting and healthy ingredients that elevate the enjoyment and nutritional value of everyday dishes. The company has worked for decades to pinpoint the best way to grow herbs affordably and safely on a year-round basis for its customers.


Our investment in Shenandoah Growers was driven by our belief that herbs will increase their importance in the diet of Americans as flavor and taste take center stage. Herbs are no longer just a garnish or a culinary afterthought but a key component to everyday dishes. Using a proprietary soil and nutrient cycle system, automated greenhouses, and innovative growing technologies and techniques, Shenandoah Growers aims to expand from a dominant regional herb distributor in the Mid-Atlantic to the leading national brand for herbs in the USA.