Founded in 2013
Alan Hahn, CEO


MycoTechnology is a fungi fermentation specialty company that has developed a platform leveraging the mycelium of gourmet mushrooms to create new and beneficial ingredients and bioactive processes. MycoTechnology’s initial product, ClearTaste™, is the world’s first all-natural organic taste modulator to reduce bitterness, astringency and sourness.  The company has also developed the technology to efficiently produce high quality non-animal protein.


MycoTechnology makes value added ingredients such as coffee, cacao and stevia taste less bitter and thus be more attractive to manufacturers and their consumers. The company’s products greatly reduce/eliminate the need for sugar by blocking the perception of bitterness and other taste related defects. This positively impacts both manufacturers who are looking to achieve a clean label with lower sugar content and consumers who want to reduce the amount of sugar they consume on a daily basis. The company has also developed a novel non-animal protein providing a full amino-acid profile to meet the growing demand for sustainable protein.


Our investment in MycoTechnology was driven by our belief that the company has a game changing technology platform that is unlocking unique and valuable products and processes from mycelium with positive impacts on human health.