Founded in 2009
Tim Joseph, Founder
Carl Gerlach, Chairman and CEO


Maple Hill Creamery makes yogurt, cheese, kefir and liquid milk exclusively from certified 100% grass-fed organic milk. Maple Hill Creamery and its milk production subsidiary Maple Hill Producers have become the example of how 100% grass-fed dairy is done.


Yogurt and other dairy products made with 100% grass-fed are better tasting, better for you, better for cows, and better for farmers.


Our investment into Maple Hill Creamery was driven by our belief that grass-fed dairy is an important growing sector and MHC can lead the market. Maple Hill is unique in not only creating a line of 100% grass-fed organic dairy products, but in building a high value and scalable network of 100% grass-fed milk suppliers in New York State.