Founded in 2015
Lisa Curtis, Co-founder and CEO
Valerie Popelka, Co-founder and COO
Jordan Moncharmont, Co-founder and CTO
Anne Tsuel, Co-founder and Chief Marketing and Creative Officer


Kuli Kuli is America’s leading Moringa brand. They provide the highest quality and most nutritious Moringa available – rich in iron, calcium, vitamins, and antioxidants. Kuli Kuli’s Moringa provides a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids. By hand-harvesting only fresh, young leaves, Kuli Kuli ensures that their organic Moringa powder is more nutrient dense and less bitter than other brands.


Kuli Kuli’s variety Moringa Superfood Products make it easy for Americans to get their greens on the go while also helping to plant Moringa trees and support women farmers in the developing world. Additionally, Kuli Kuli works with women-led farming cooperatives all over the world to drive economic growth, women’s empowerment and sustainable agriculture development.


Our investment in Kuli Kuli was driven by the fact that it brings an extraordinarily healthy superfood to the consumers in the US market while additionally supporting female farmers and planting Moringa trees in the developing world.