Founded in 2015
Aidan Mouat, co-founder & CEO
Adam Preslar, co-founder & COO
Amy Garber, co-founder & CIPO
Pat Flynn, co-founder & CMO


Hazel Technologies Inc. is a USDA-funded company that develops new technologies to extend the quality shelf life of fresh produce in the supply chain.


Losses due to food waste are estimated to amount to more than $165 billion annually in the US alone, and estimates suggest that as much as $38 billion of those losses come from post-harvest produce. Hazel Technologies has developed a post-harvest shelf life extension technology for fresh produce, allowing for reduced food waste in non-controlled environments.


Our investment in Hazel Technologies was driven by its potential to materially reduce the amount of waste in the food system by extending shelf life and reducing disease in produce. If domestic produce supply chains can reduce overall waste, there could be a reduction in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as increased profitability for grower-packers.