Founded in 2011
Bentley Hall, CEO


Online grocery market providing delivery of locally sourced foods to customers.


Good Egg’s mission is to grow and sustain local food systems worldwide. The company believes its mission will support the sustainable use of land, empower customers to eat healthier, and support fair labor practices. Good Eggs hopes to build a food system in which small local businesses are connected directly with customers in their community. Good Eggs holds high standards for every aspect of its business, focusing on people, the planet and transparency.


Our investment in Good Eggs was driven by its development of a scalable just-in-time local food supply chain, allowing smallholder and local producers to sell profitably into local markets. Good Egg’s mission promotes several aspects of a better food system including: expanded access to clean and less processed foods, reduced food miles and enhanced food freshness, reduced local carbon footprint in the food supply system and better economics for the farmer.