Founded in 2016
Rick Continelli, CEO
David Patterson, President & COO


Froozer has developed a unique technology that transforms fruits and vegetables into a whole food frozen matrix that tastes like soft serve ice cream but holds all of the nutrients of the original freshly picked produce. Froozer is made with 100% whole fruits and vegetables, with no added sugar or water, and no juices, concentrates or purees.


Froozer’s vision is to help people be healthy and happy. They set out on an entirely new way of delivering healthy nutrition that is good for you and tastes great, while being mindful of the environment and reducing food waste.


Our investment in Froozer was driven by the fact that it’s product delivers nutrition in a format and category that is currently full of products that do not preserve nutrients or fiber. Froozer provides a healthy, low sugar (no added sugar) alternative to other frozen snacks.