Founded in 2012
Ken Plasse, CEO
Duncan Berry, Co-founder and Advisor
Kipp Baratoff, Co-founder and VP of Supply Chain


FishPeople offers sustainable and traceable seafood to retail, foodservice and wholesale channels.


FishPeople is committed to catching only certified, sustainably sourced species from producers that employ best-in-class handling, quality assurance, and product traceability in a massive US consumer category defined by legacy commodity brands and suppliers that do not adequately address emerging consumer preferences.


FishPeople has developed a sustainable branded seafood offering that can satisfy a broad set of unmet consumer needs in the seafood category, including traceability, authenticity, and food quality, while also supporting the health of the ocean and livelihoods of fishermen. The company’s standards for sourcing and processing seafood are healthier for consumers and better for the environment.