Founded in 2013
Adam Wolf, Founder & CEO


Arable is a data and analytics company committed to reducing risk throughout the food and agriculture supply chain. Their team of data scientists, agronomists and engineers provide agronomic recommendations based on in-field measurement of precipitation, water stress, evapotranspiration, NDVI, canopy biomass, canopy moisture levels, disease incidence and growing degree days. With field-level data on microclimate and crop response, Arable generates a ‘machine learning’ tool that predicts outcomes of quality, timing and yield. The company’s research-grade instrument, the Arable Mark, collects over 40 different variables on microclimate, crop health and vegetative growth at a third of the cost of a traditional weather station.


Arable collaborates with the most innovative growers and researchers to reduce supply chain risk and increase predictability at harvest. Over the 2017 season, the team has seen firsthand how their analytics and recommendations can generate significant costs savings not only in irrigation and fertilizer applications, but also through operational efficiencies across entire organizations and value chains. Arable is currently building predictive analytics for 20 different crops in ten countries. Their unique data set allows farmers, advisors, insurers, processors, lenders, and governments to understand facts on the ground in real-time and address issues of water management, project finance and food security.


Our investment in Arable Labs was driven by the team’s focus on providing farmers with hyperlocal, real-time data and analytics that empower them to make more informed decisions related to everything from disease and pest management, irrigation, operations and logistics to harvesting and contract procurement.