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Ripple Foods

Founded in 2014
Neil Renninger, Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Adam Lowry, Co-Founder & Co-CEO


Ripple Foods makes a plant-based, dairy-free, nutritious and delicious milk from yellow peas. Ripple milk has more protein, less sugar, and more vitamins and minerals than soy or almond milk. All Ripple products are non-GMO, nut free and high in fiber, low in fat and cholesterol free.


Ripple is a brand that believes food is central to healthy living and should be as much of a pleasure to the senses as it is nutritious for the body. When switching to dairy free, consumers shouldn't have to sacrifice taste. Ripple was developed to be a great food experience: high in protein, lower in sugar and most importantly, rich, creamy and delicious.


Our investment in Ripple is driven by the belief that there is a growing market for non-dairy alternatives. The company has created a platform brand and technology that can deliver protein and nutrient dense non-dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, ice cream and many others. Using yellow pea as the primary ingredient, Ripple is more environmentally sustainable using less water resources and less greenhouse gasses than both traditional dairy and almond milk production.