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Founded in 2012
Kellee James, Founder & CEO
Chris Duesing, Co-Founder & CTO


Mercaris provides its subscribers — primarily producers, processors and procurement professionals— pricing data and access to a data and trading platform for buying and selling organic non-GMO and other identity preserved commodities.


To create more transparency, efficiency and liquidity in the market for buying/selling organic, non-GMO and other identity preserved commodities.


Our investment in Mercaris was driven by our belief that the market demand for organic, non-GMO and other identity crops is growing but is constrained by a lack of transparency and liquidity, leading to high transaction costs and inability to manage risk.  Mercaris is building tools and platforms that will help to manage physical and price risk, better match supply and demand, and increase the ability of farmers, processors and procurers to reap the benefits of a more efficient and liquid marketplace.