• Portfolio: Seed
  • Sector: Brand

Once Upon A Farm

Founded in 2016
Ari Raz, Co-Founder & CEO
Cassandra Curtis, Co-Founder



HPP baby food company promising to deliver the highest quality, most nutrient-dense, organic baby food blends.


Once Upon a Farm uses High Pressure Processing (HPP) to keep our food as close to the farm as it gets. HPP is a revolutionary technology in food, the kind that those unrefrigerated brands dont use. It allows us to keep the flavors, aromas, colors, textures and nutrients of the food intact, leading to optimal taste and palate development in infants. This matters, because the food babies eat now is the food they will prefer when they are older and at Once Upon a Farm, we know that a lifetime of healthy eating starts with the very first bite.


Our investment in Once Upon a Farm was driven by the company’s desire to keep food as close to the farm as possible encouraging babies to develop into lifelong healthy eaters.