• Portfolio: Growth
  • Sector: Agriculture

Midwestern BioAg

Founded in 1984
Gary Zimmer, Founder
Anthony Michaels, CEO
Douglas Rosenberg, Chairman


Midwestern BioAg is an industry leader in biological agriculture, providing farmer customers a route to “better farming through better soil.” With 4,500 customers farming on more than 1.25 million acres, Midwestern BioAg analyzes soils and integrates biological systems and products to maximize yields and improve both soil health and profits.


Because biological farming gives farmers more sustainable yields and profits, while simultaneously proving consumers with more nutritious, flavorful, and safe food.


Our investment in Midwestern BioAg was driven by our belief that biological farming is superior to other methods of farming. MBA’s processes enhance yield production, nutritional quality, and food safety, reduce negative environmental impacts, and most importantly, enhance economics for the producer whether on an organic farm or a conventional farm. Demand for MBA’s biological farming will only increase as demand for organic and other identity crops grows.