• Portfolio: Venture
  • Sector: Brand

Back to the Roots

Founded in 2009
Nikhil Arora & Alejandro Velez


Back to the Roots is on a mission to undo food so that people can enjoy food that is simple, clean, healthy and tasty. BTTR’s mission can be seen and tasted in the two product lines that have launched. The ready to grow line (RTG) that includes mushroom kits, Garden-In-A-Can, and a Self-Watering Planter and the Ready to eat line (RTE) that includes California whole wheat cereal and purple corn cereal. These products are designed to reconnect people to food they can believe in.


People have become disconnected from food. How it is grown, where it is manufactured, and most importantly what is in it. Food has been over-engineered and under delivers on taste and nutrition. Back to the Roots makes food that is simple and transparent. While doing that is easy to say, it is difficult to accomplish. It takes innovation, creativity and strategy. BTTR believes if you start with fresh quality ingredients and simple recipes, people will enjoy what they eat.


Our investment in Back to the Roots was driven by our belief that simple, natural and healthy ingredients with clean labels are increasingly in demand. The ability to conceive, develop, manufacture and market simple, clean and tasty food to the consumer with authenticity and with scale is difficult. Back to the Roots has created an innovative culture and has executed its vision remarkably well for a young, founder driven company.