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With Help of $10M Series A, Back to the Roots Poised to Truly ‘Undo Food

June 6, 2016 | Written by
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Back to the Roots, an Oakland, California startup pioneering how families reconnect with food, announced today that it has expanded its January crowdfunding campaign on CircleUp into a $10M Series A. The new investment was led by Acre Venture Partners, Campbell Soup’s venture capital fund for food startups, and also includes funding from S2G Ventures and Red Sea Ventures. read full article

This Pea-Based Milk Is Healthier Than Almond Milk, And Actually Tastes Almost Like Milk

April 18, 2016 | Written by
Category: Brands, News, Protein

After building Method, the sustainable soap brand, into a $100 million-plus business, cofounder Adam Lowry probably could have retired. Instead, he tackled a new problem: the unsustainability of milk.

Dairy has a massive carbon footprint, and a single gallon of milk takes 1,000 gallons of water to produce. Plant-based alternatives, from almond milk to coconut milk, are gaining in popularity, but they have issues of their own. So his new company Ripple is using another unusual ingredient—peas—instead. read full article

This trendy salad bar’s design secrets keep customers coming back for more

March 21, 2016 | Written by
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There is a Sweetgreen — the fast casual salad chain that people stand in lines for like it’s a new iPhone — about 10 blocks north of the Tech Insider office. It always seemed like a land of mythical salads; too far for a quick lunch, but all my friends said it was delicious.

Then in December, one opened up two blocks away. There’s a line out the door all the time, which we obviously skip through use of the Sweetgreen app. And lo, it is good: vibrant lettuce, tangy dressing, surprisingly robust cheese crumbles. read full article