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Ex-Annie’s CEO John Foraker, Jennifer Garner Join Baby Food Startup

September 12, 2017 | Written by
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John Foraker, the CEO who transformed Annie Withey’s feisty mac & cheese startup into a line of organic products General Mills was willing to shell out $820 million for three years ago, announced yesterday that he was joining actress Jennifer Garner to nurture Once Upon a Farm, a two-year-old company that markets a line of cold-pressed organic baby foods and applesauces…

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3 Things Every New Company Must Do

December 3, 2015 | Written by
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I am new to the ‘food space,’ but have been around startups for 20+ years now. While I certainly have a lot to learn still about building a business from scratch, one thing that I have seen to be true and it continues to be true for aspiring food companies is that your customers have to LOVE what you are making. I was once told by a mentor that “water runs downhill.” There are certain laws of physics that you just can’t avoid. If you don’t remove the friction (lackluster adoption) and don’t actually create some suction (customer demand for your product), it will be a long slog trying to get water to run uphill (scale your business). Read More

A Food Revolution Has Begun

October 23, 2015 | Written by
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In the late summer of 2010, I took what would become a transformational trip to Spain.

In Valencia there is a beautiful Central Market with 100 or so vendors each selling food, each with their own specialty such as tomatoes, peppers, jamon, spices. I ate a peach from a local farmer named Paulo and it was an epiphany. I realized I had never eaten a peach before. The peaches I had eaten back home were just mere shadows of the real thing and I wondered why. As I dug into it deeper I discovered that our food system here in the US was just designed to do something different. And for the most part, it does exactly what we as consumers told it to do. Give us lots of meat, fruit and vegetables on demand, regardless of seasonality, make it convenient and cheap. Fill up our bellies with lots of calories, we don’t care where those calories really come from, how they are produced and what their impacts are. Read More