Month: August 2016

How Sweetgreen Is Making Its Mark on the Midwest

August 31, 2016 | Written by
Category: Food-Tech, News, Nutrition

People waited for hours when Shake Shack opened in Chicago. They descended on Eataly in such swarms that the Italian mega market had to shut down to restock. Clearly, there are certain chains that Chicagoans are hungry for. And this is certainly true of Sweetgreen, a DC-based salad chain that just opened its 50th location (and first in Chicago) in River North. Boasting a loyal fan base on both coasts, the pastoral, fast-casual shop is taking its foray into the Midwest seriously, ingratiating itself with local farms, artists and seasonal ingredients. Here are the ways Sweetgreen will freshen up the Downtown dining scene and adopting its own Chicago accent. read full article

A Magical Mushroom Powder Blocks Bitterness in Food

August 19, 2016 | Written by
Category: Food-Tech, News, Nutrition

“I ACTUALLY HATE the taste of mushrooms,” says Josh Hahn, as he flicks on the lights in the clean room. Which is funny, because Hahn’s livelihood depends on fungi. Here, inside the lab at the biotechnology startup MycoTechnology, a few dozen Erlenmeyer flasks slowly gyrate on shake tables. They’re filled with a liquid the color and consistency of cloudy bone broth, a slurry of growth media and, yep, mushrooms. Or, to be more precise, mycelia: the thread-like strands that make up fungal colonies and produce mushrooms but that humans rarely see because they’re below ground. read full article

These ‘Bloody’ Veggie Burgers May Change Your Mind About Healthy Eating

August 3, 2016 | Written by
Category: Food-Tech, News, Protein

It looks, smells, tastes and feels like a beef burger, but it’s made entirely of plant products. Last week’s sizzling launch of the meatless “Impossible Burger” at New York’s Momofuku Nishi restaurant shows just how far the faux meat industry has progressed beyond the tasteless hockey pucks of its early years. It’s also part of a shift towards more meat-like vegetarian food, a move driven by the search for healthy, sustainable sources of protein that taste good and mirror the experience of eating meat. read full article

Farming on the moon and meat grown in a lab. Six thoughts on the future of food.

August 2, 2016 | Written by
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His own collection of restaurants, named The Kitchen and Next Door, aim to shake up food distribution by sourcing ingredients locally and providing fresh, natural food at sensible prices. His company, also called The Kitchen, builds hundreds of school gardens to teach children in low-income communities about healthy eating. read full article