Month: July 2016

Ethan Brown: The future of protein

July 16, 2016 | Written by
Category: Food-Tech, News, Nutrition, Protein

Imagine using plants to make “meat”. One California-based company is doing just that.

Ethan Brown is the founder and CEO of Beyond Meat. It produces a 100% plant-based protein with the taste and texture of chicken and beef. Brown believes replicating animal meats with plants offers consumers a sustainable protein option while helping to address one of the most important environmental issues facing society today. read full article

Researchers have finally discovered the key to naturally stripping sugar from all our foods

July 16, 2016 | Written by
Category: Food-Tech, News, Nutrition

The global sugar-industrial complex is about to face a serious challenge—from a mushroom.

A young start-up based out of Aurora, Colorado is poised to disrupt how sugar is used in packaged goods. Three years after its founding, MycoTechnology is not yet a formidable force in the competitive food space, but its founders have forged deals with some of the largest food companies in the world, and are starting to command attention. read full article